Sunday, August 24, 2014

Princess and the Pea - Writing and Craftivity

This new pack, Princess and the Pea  contains tasks for English, Math and Craft for K-1 and has 60 pages.

This set provides a small reader, English and Math tasks as well as craftivities. Your students will love learning about this fairy-tale and working through these tasks.

It has a 'A Little Reader' that is print and go!
This will give you two books – copy and staple together and then cut in half.
Use these each day to consolidate common sight words and the letter/sound relationship.

There are 'Language Vocabulary Cards' each picture has a title and a definition to match.

English tasks are as follows
Comprehension questions
How could you test a real princess or prince?
Beginning middle and ending template with or without lines
Character maps for Princess – Prince – Queen and King
Setting mapping for castle and the bed
Princess is/has/can
Matching words
Matching words and adding initial sounds
Story problems and Solutions
Story Map
Read and draw
How to make a bed – write a procedure

Math Tasks are 
Count, trace and color
Count and color
Make patterns on the mattresses
Roll and Cover
Roll add 1 and cover
Roll add 2 and cover
Roll, double and cover

Craftivity - boy did we have fun with these today
Stick puppets – cut out and attach to straws or sticks. Put on a puppet show after reading the book. Video and play back for feedback.  Color and b/w versions available
Make a weaved quilt – instructions and photos included
Pop up card with retell – photos and instructions included
Make a layered mattress bed – photos included 

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