I am going batty!

It' almost that time again - bats, spiders, pumpkins...

I have just revised my Bat Packs and I have added 60+ pages to my bundle and have also separated them as requested. 

Click here for the bundle at a discounted price.
If you already own it please download to get the updates for free.

Click here for the Math Pack - which now includes save ink versions for you.

 This October - Writing Prompts is part of a Writing Prompts for all Year and will be all you need for the whole year for writing. 

 You will make a huge saving as each pack is $6.00 - $10.00 depending on which month – the bundle is only $55.00. 

 This October - Writing Prompts pack contains the following topics 
International Coffee Day 
National Anti-Bullying 
Space Week 
Columbus Day 
Chemistry Week 
United Nations Day 
Diwali National 
Chocolate Day 
National Cat Day 

 Each topic has the following pages 
- Word Splash for words or phrases on the topic 
- Parts of speech, record the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs we can use for this topic 
- KWHL – what do we know, what to know, where might we find the Informational, new learning 
- Roll and Write 
- Recount topic 
- Informational prompt 
- Different lines for different writer’s needs 
- Adding a craftivity or topper 
- At the end of the pack there are pages for the following 
 - Recount planner 
- Narrative Planner 
- Informational Report Planner 
 - Procedure Planner 
- different lined pages to use

Story Book Sunday - Stellaluna

I have been absent from posting the last few weeks - the flu has been sweeping through everyone I know here down under.
But here is my Story Book Sunday post for this week. 

This is a another one of my go to books - I loved hearing it read by a lovely librarian I used to work with and now the reaction of kids when they hear it, is priceless. 

Stellaluna is written by 
Stellaluna is the tender story of a lost young bat who finally finds her way safely home to her mother and friends.
In this story, a baby bat separated from her mother is raised by a mother bird, on the condition that she acts as birds do: sleep at night, don't hang upside down, and eat worms and insects. Though she doesn't like behaving in this way, Stellaluna agrees and tries to prove she fits in with the birds.
Enjoy this online version read by Pamela Reed. 

I have chosen Stellaluna for the this week.

Click here for my pack on Stellaluna - Reading and Writing Tasks that are ready to print and go

Stellaluna – English pack 45 pages

Word Wall Cards - Use these words as a display or in a learning centre to sort into categories or to find our meanings or to put into sentences or stories or use in writing or put into alphabetical order

KWHL - Copy each page and display as a grade list the things you - Know about Stellaluna - Want to know about Stellaluna - How will we find this out - Our new Learning about Stellaluna

Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns

Interactive Pages - On the front – draw an illustration. Under the flap – write a description for the Beginning, middle and end of story and Personality traits for Stellaluna

Writing Tasks - Flap Book, Stellaluna loves to…, Life in a nest, Spare writing pages , ACROSTIC poem, Side graphics for stories , Venn Diagram , At night I …If I were a bat I would 

Word Work - Use these as a whole class lesson or an individual focus for word work tasks. Pages for – at, ir, ight

Primer Words

Primer - Tracking and Assessment
27 pages

This pack contains the 52 Primer words from the Dolch List.

This list has been split into 4 smaller lists of thirteen words. 

31 pages

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack. 

This pack contains the Primer words from the Dolch List.

I have split the list into 4 smaller sets of Primer words, to help young readers manage new words. 

- Print and laminate the tasks
- There is a checklist provided to enable you to see which set your student needs to work on
- Use the boards with a buddy and have a dry erase marker to cross out the words – use a different color each
- Roll a six sided dice and choose a word to read - cross it out
- The small sets are the ten word sets and are a different color for each set, plus print and go!
- The larger boards contain all words from the list

I have found that allocating a color and an animal to each list ensures higher engagement and provides easier tracking of each list. 

Each section has detailed instructions for printing, display and use. 

This pack is part of a much larger set of work. It is also available in a bundle that contains; checklists, lists, game boards, interactive note pages, print and go sheets (one for each word), bingo boards, roll and read, play dough mats and matching tasks.

Primer – Game Boards
60 pages

This pack contains the Primer words from the Dolch List.

I have split the list into 4 smaller sets of thirteen words, to help young readers manage new words. I have found that allocating a color and an animal to each list ensures higher engagement and provides easier tracking of each list. 

The first game set has only ten words on it and is an easy way to introduce the game board.

You will need dice and counters. I suggest only two players on each board. Roll the dice and the player with the highest number goes first. 

There is a list provided to show which words are on which game board sets.

Directions to play 
- Begin on start
- Take turns to roll the dice – when you land on a space – if the word is incorrect you miss a turn
- The player that reaches the finish space first is the winner
- Variation – total the number of correct words for the winner!

Each section has detailed instructions for printing, display and use. 

Johnny Appleseed

I have spent the last few days revising our Johnny Appleseed work.

If you already own the bundle - you will get the extra 20 pages for free!
I have also reduced the amount of color copying - a great save for you.

Johnny Appleseed – Bundle Reading, Writing and Math Tasks 
103 pages 
This pack has been updated to include extra tasks for Writing and Math – please re download if you already own this pack. There are an extra 20+ pages! 

Johnny Appleseed – Reading and Writing Tasks 
28 pages
This Johnny Appleseed – Reading and Writing Pack contains notes to give you background about Johnny Appleseed. If you own the Johnny Appleseed Bundle you already own this pack. The tasks include the following - 
1. Describe Johnny Appleseed – Make sure you can back up what you write 
2. PMI – The Positive, the Minus (or problems) and the interesting facts about Johnny Appleseed 
3. Alphabet Key – add words or phrases about apples and Johnny Appleseed 
4. I see, I think, I wonder – fill this in while reading about Johnny Appleseed 
5. Fact chart – after reading record some facts 
6. Johnny Appleseed 3-2-1 – what facts, opinions and questions do you have? 
7. Parts of an apple - label 
8. Describe an apple – taste, sight, touch… 
9. Compare and Contrast- three options (orange, pear and strawberry) 
10. What else grows from seeds? 
11. How to make Applesauce – create a recipe 
12. What does an Apple Blossom do? 
13. Johnny Appleseed retell 
14. Apple pie makes me feel … 
15. List of words that have an Aa 
16. Boggle – Johnny Appleseed 
17. What do we use apples for?

Johnny Appleseed Math Pack 
75 pages 
This Johnny Appleseed Math Pack will motivate and involve your students in exploring numbers. This pack provided some history notes giving you some background about Johnny Appleseed. 
If you own the Johnny Appleseed Bundle for English and Math you already own this updated pack. The Math tasks are as follows 
1. Ten Frame 
2. Counting Picture puzzles- Work out the counting pattern and complete by making the picture 
3. Print and go - How many seeds? Roll and Color and Graph your grade’s apple picks 
4. Count the apples - Match Apples to numeral and word 
5. Apple Patterns to follow and make 
6. Count and peg the correct number of apples 
7. Roll and cover tasks +1, +2 and doubles and three options for each set 
8. What number is missing? Place Johnny in the middle to show the missing number 
9. Which is More or Less? 
10. Counting patterns- use the recording sheet to show the missing number.

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