Run, run, run

Today was our junior sports day. Our Preps, Ones and Twos wore their colours proudly and ran, skipped, threw, balanced, stepped, hopped, balanced their way to a great day. 

For the first three hours we did a tabloid sport program and moved through ten tasks. These challenged us and we worked together to have heaps of fun. 

Our senior sports captains manned the tasks and guided us at each station. They did an amazing job.

In the afternoon we sprinted in heats to see who was the fastest. We jumped over hurdles and ran with encouragement from our team mates, parents, grandparents and special visitors. 

This was a great school community event. 

And there was no rain to stop our great day!

Germs, germs, germs

On Mondays I do not work in the Prep space - I get to support and coach staff across the school. 

Today as part of my coaching role two of our teachers got together to look at teaching practises and I covered one grade and got to something amazing.

The teacher asked me to read this book called 'A Germ's Journey' and then we would do a writing task about how germs got from on place to another. 

We talked about how germs pass from one place to another. 

The stories were amazing. 

Then later they added the craft at the top.

How amazing does the display look?

PE and jumping

Gotta love jumping. Last Friday my lovely Preps had two hours of PE. 
I was at my son's last assembly and my preps joined some other grades and then when I came back we had our own hour. 
I am guessing my lovelies slept very well that night. 
We have great facilities and our gym is fantastic for when the weather is not so nice outside. 
We have our assemblies in here too. 
This PE session is run by two PST's - pre service teachers who are mentoring each other. 
My kids absolutely love the sessions - we have one more of five to go.

Storybook Saturday 26th Oct

Welcome to Storybook Saturday. Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
Add the above graphic with a direct link back to Paula's Place
Link up by adding your post link to the link up below
You may choose one book or a few books.
Here are my books for this week.

They are about knowing facts to 10/friends of ten and trusting the count.

This book is about the mischief that these 10 penguins get up to.
We laughed out loud as they go from 10 penguins to 1 - great for counting backward.
The silliness gets kids into the book - you will love it.

This is another one of my all time favourites. There are ten baby emus on the way.
I love the idea of predicting how many make and female.
You can draw your predictions and write equations for them.

Storybook Saturday

Five for Friday - 25th October

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have not been posting my normal blog posts this week - I have been pre occupied with our Nic finishing Year 12. For my international blog readers, this means after 13 years off school - our son will be off to University next year. So on their second last day - there was a 'muck up' day and then their last day was an official presentation and assembly and then last night a formal Valedictory Dinner and Dance. 
On the muck up day - they all went dressed as movie characters - Nic went as the Great Lebowski.
As Nic is studying for all important exams to get into Uni - I may be an absent blogger for a few weeks. 

Three of our students entered a competition to create bike safety advertisements. THEY WON a STATE COMPETITION and prizes included a bike for the winner and the Police Band come to play for our whole school. They have an amazing sound. 

I teach 5 year olds, but also get to coach one day a week and have been working with the Grade 5/6's on Daily 5 and Cafe.
Loving it
My Mum sent me an old photo of my sister and I when we were little. My mum is incredible around technology. Scanning, cropping and sending.... I am the eldest of four and our bother came along when I was 5 and then a younger sister when I was 15.

I cannot take credit for this photo. It was taken by a local photographer and is of our Botanic Gardens and our glass house that is full of begonias. This was taken on a glorious spring day 

Have a great week and forgive me if I am not posting as often over the next month as Nic is studying for all important exams. 

Daily 5 and Grade 5/6

Two of our Grade 5/6's have been working on introducing Daily 5 and Cafe. 
So my work on Thursday has been coaching the two teachers and the students to do this. 
Today was our fifth session and the teachers have been working on this between visits. 
Their anchor charts are evolving and will continue to do so. 

Today we talked about the impact of Cafe and how to assess and conference while the students are being independent. 

As a double grade they have got 'read to self' and 'read to someone'. They do this with a sense of urgency, community and trust. As teachers we need to work on 'staying out of the way'.

So have all four components working well. We only need to look at 'listening to reading'

We even walked through the Prep space I team teach in and looked at how preps are engaged in their tasks. 

It is an exciting time in our school. 

The anchor charts are available for free in my TPT store  - click here

Power outage

No post tonight due to no power. Our teenage kids are worried about charging devices, computers running out of power and lack of Facebook. Fancy having to sit together and talk!!
My husband and are laughing which isn't helping the teenage lack of link up. 
Too funny!

We have just had a successful Information Night for next year's group. More on that tomorrow night. 

Telling time

We have been working on time this week and are assessing for point of need teaching. The different colour groups show the differentiation that will be coming our way. 

The tasks for solo maths are shown with a dice that has a 1, partner maths had a two on the dice and small group maths has a six on the dice. 

BAR Key for Teddy Bears

We have been busy inventing new teddies. 

We have used the BAR key to do this.

In the first box we put a picture of our teddy. 

The second box we made something bigger.

The third box we added something. 

The last box we re-arranged something on our teddy. 

We enlarged ours to A3.

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