Monday, October 14, 2013

Focus on words

My kids need to practise reading common words (here in Aus we spell practise when we need to repeat things to learn them and spell practice when we talk about a Doctor's job or our own teaching way of doing things ie our practice)

So first up here is a pack that I did for my USA blogger buddies - in my TPT store and currently 30% off for the next day and a bit. 
Contents - 46 pages in total
What do you know, want to know and what is your new learning. This can be done individually, in groups or as a grade
A page to record your notes
Pumpkins have – are – can: to be completed as a grade
Poster for the ‘Life Cycle of a Pumpkin’
Sheet for sequencing the pumpkin life cycle
Write a procedure for ‘Planting a pumpkin seed’
Procedure for ‘Making a Jack-o-lantern’
List what we use pumpkins for
Narrative – Read Cinderella and change the ending. There are five different writing line pages
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater – change the words and there are five different writing lines to choose from
Write a Cinquain poem + 5 writing lines
Venn Diagram – green and orange pumpkin
I see, I think, I wonder
Simple, compound and complex sentences
*Roll and Read – Pre primer, primer Grades 1/2/3
*Base board for CVC words using pumpkin seeds
 My next pack is Pumpkin Bingo 
There are 60 pages in total
There are 17 pages of coloured cards that you can copy in colour and laminate.
Use these cards for flashcards as well as for the bingo cards
Each of the 12 sets of words have 6 bingo cards. (36 pages = 72 bingo board)
I use two sets of cards.
I keep one set permanently with the bingo cards.
The other set are in our word work tub to be used for other tasks.
Allow access to counters to cover words when called out.
There are also labels for you to place on containers or bags.

This one is a roll and read for 


There are 17 pages
Use a six sided dice and one game board with a partner
Copy and laminate as many game boards as you need
Use ‘best fit’ board for each partner group
Take it in turns to roll a dice and use a dry erase marker to put a line through a word in the column you have rolled.
Your buddy and you need different colors – count the colors at the end to see who the winner is
If the word is incorrect you miss a turn

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