My new diary covers

I just love getting deliveries and I am obsessed with my planners. 

There is nothing like a box of Erin Condren to brighten your week. 

This is not a sponsored post - it is a post just about something I love to use. 

These are bands to keep my diary (Life Planner in sections)

I am in love with black and green!

The satchel keeps my pens, mini iPad and Life Planner in one spot. 

I love the interchangeable covers on both my Life Planner and Teacher Planner. I can interchange them depending on what I want on the day. 

This new snap in sections keep me sorted and on top of things. 

They are great for sticky notes.

Swap, share, give....

 A group of Aussie bloggers have got together again to bring you the scoop on some great resources that you can use in any classroom and in any part of the world. 

We also have some freebies for you too. My freebie is at the end of this post.

I have partnered up and swapped a product with Julie from Oz Curriculum HQ for this swap, share and give!

make sure you visit us all - see the links at the bottom of this post.

So here is my review......

Oz Curriculum HQHeat Layered Word Book - Science Inquiry Project

I really wanted to review this Heat Layered Book and test run it with my kids.

Julie has provided very clear instructions - as she does in all her work. I have many of her products and love them all. 

First, we colored/coloured in the letters for heat. Julie has pages that cater for USA and non USA spelling. 

Next we cut the pages and each page has a clear defined cutting line and staple space. 

The content is aimed at Year 3 and meets the standards in our curriculum. 

Students are given opportunities to compose questions and make predictions before they investigate heat sources. 
I found that the discussions students had while completing the different sections showed the importance of the vocabulary that Julie has included. 
This all added to improved knowledge. 

Researching and reading about heat sources and then sorting them into two categories - produces their own heat and which ones are heated by something else. 
This allows for independent research. 

This sorting task was fabulous for consolidating the terms -  insulators and conductors and working out the differences. 

There is a table to add a picture for - Radiation, Convection and Conduction. The students then explain how the heat is transferred and how it works. 

I liked the way that students were given opportunities to cut, glue, write and discuss. 
This caters for different types of learners. 

The following page allows for differentiation and Julie has provided a page that is just about heat transfer or a more difficult.
This more difficult page is about the three types of heat transfer. 

Julie has provided two options for spelling for this page. 
It is a clear way to assess what your students think about the types of heat sources and even better done at a glance (because it is colour/color coded). 

The final page is an excellent way to record new vocabulary and explain your new learning. 
A great way to finish this unit on heat. 

Julie - this is an amazing product.

Now for my freebie - my new WRITING for all SEASONS

So no matter where you are in the world - you can use this right now?

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Five for Fri - 24th April


Here are my five randoms for this week

April is a huge month for me and this week is the biggest week in April.

At the end of this post there is link to a major milestone freebie - only one day left!

ANZAC Day is a commemoration of lives lost in World War 1 and a remembrance of all those we have lost in other conflicts and a recognition of all those who continue to fight for us.

Our daughter (on the left) is on the leadership team at her high school and together with the Art Department they made over 900 ceramic poppies for their ANZAC Ceremony. 

Many Australians and New Zealanders go to a dawn service on this day too. 
Servicemen and woman march in ceremonies all around our country.

It was my birthday today and look what greeted me on my desk when I arrived today. 

Over the next dew days - my husband and son will also celebrate their birthdays. Lots of cake and presents to come.....

In our country we have a National Assessment about to happen. I completed these as a tool for getting kids to plan and write in the lead up to this time. 

Our kids are now amazing at planning in ten minutes and the structure of their text is improved. 

I am trying to do one on Narratives - but not sure when it will be done. 


This week was a tough week for the Leeton community and the community of teachers around Australia. 

Stephanie should have gotten married, been on her honeymoon and felt safe. 
Instead - she was murdered.

Stephanie was a teacher, who went into work on Easter Sunday to get prepared for her leave to get married and be away on her honeymoon. 

She has been allegedly murdered by the cleaner at her school.

The teaching community to show support for her family and community have worn yellow, put out the wedding dresses and used hashtags. 

Some of us Aussie TPT'ers got together and designed this and have had it is our profile pic, and it has been seen on instagram and shared by many. 

Many teachers go into work out of hours and on weekends - please be careful.

I reached my first big milestone this week on TPT. 

I have shared my "Goldilocks - please say sorry!" free for a limited time.

Please leave feedback if you download my work. 

Take care of yourselves and have a great week. 


The teaching community across Australia is devastated by the loss of Stephanie.

I am part of the most amazing group of bloggers and TPT'ers and we have banded together to post this for Stephanie, her family, her friends and her colleagues. (Tina Rubie  - thanks for the idea and the inspiration to make this logo happen)

We are thinking of you all, as you head back to work without her this week and how hard it will be for everyone.

You can re post this logo anywhere, use it as your profile picture, spread it around everywhere and more importantly think about supporting each other. 

On Monday, her school will return from term break without her.

Among the many tributes for Stephanie there have been balloons, flowers and yellow everywhere....

Check out the #putyourdressout - many brides wore some yellow and others put out their wedding dresses

On Easter Sunday, Stephanie went to work to get organised so she could go on her honeymoon and know that her kids would be well planned for while she was away. 

So many of us go into work, on our own, out of hours, so other people's children are planned for. 
This has hit our profession hard - we look over our shoulders, we do not feel safe, we are sickened by the fragility of life and dumb struck at what has happened to Stephanie. 

Stephanie never made it home.

Some days later her body was found.

Stephanie was unable to get married as planned,

The alleged murderer is in custody and I will not repeat his name - I do not want him remembered.
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