Stepping back in time - Part 2


Day 2 of being in a living museum. 
My Grade is behind me and we are walking around the diggings and learning about life back in the 1850's.

Sovereign Hill does such a magnificent job of putting costumes together and the immersion we get offered gives a real feel for how life was back then. 

Here we are getting a lesson on how to find gold. We got to pan and actually found some real gold in the creek which we get to take back to school with us. 

The small speck of gold on the finger tip is real.

This gold bar is also real gold. We went to see the gold pour and got to hold it. It is unbelievably heavy. This bar weighs about 2.8kg. There woudl be a lot of flecks of gold needed to make this gold bar. It is worth about $130 000. 


 In break time we got to use the old toys again. 
These girls are using the fence as the net in a game in tennis. 
Some kids got 40 in a row with the cup game!

The sticks and hoops were also popular. 

In the afternoon we had a poetry lesson. 

Ma'am was very insistent on clear pronunciation. 

This is us practising. 

In the afternoon we had to pay school fees of two shillings. 
Being poor on the diggings some families offered to cook a pie, some gave some firewood, others had tiny bits of gold (painted rocks), shillings made from foil, fixing dress hems and cleaning ma'am's house. They were very creative. 

When the vicar come by he tested us on our 16 times tables (phew they could all do it), why can't they learn their tables for class!
They needed to show handwriting, pledge alliance and the naughty book was looked at. 

Thank you to the staff at Sovereign Hill for making our two days so real and enjoyable. We learnt so much and can't wait to share with our Year 6's when we get back. 


  1. Oh what a great day! I love Sovereign Hill! Love the photos!

  2. I love Sovereign Hill! I haven't been since I was at school, and I'm looking forward to when I go as a teacher. Such an amazing place!

    Luck's Little Learners


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