Tuesday, March 3, 2015

St Patrick's Day is almost here

 I love St Patrick's Day and love the writing that happens around this event.

Here are 17 tasks for the 17th March. 
You decide which tasks best fit your group and then excite them about St Patrick’s Day.

Roll and write – roll a six sided dice and choose a setting, plot and character to write about
How would you find the end of the rainbow?
Describe a Leprechaun – use as many adjectives as you can
What would you do if you found a pot of gold?
If you could interview a Leprechaun – what would you ask?
Green makes me think of…. (color and b/w)
Beginning, middle and end of story – planning template
The luck of the Irish- what do we use as lucky charms?
If you found a four leaf clover – what would you wish for?
Make a book on rainbow facts.
Leprechaun pranks – what would they do?
Design a gold coin (front and back)
Green food – make a list
Venn Diagram – Leprechaun and a child
KWHL – Ireland
What would you say if you met a Leprechaun? 

Subitising Cards – ten frames. Use these cards for standard and non-standard subitising flash cards 

Matching numerals to words to collections 


Missing numbers 

Coins in the pot Copy and laminate the pots for the gold coins. 

Friends of ten – rainbow facts 

Number lines 

Number Scrolls

Location task

Days of the week. Use them to sequence days, months and seasons. 

Match up months to correct season. 

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  1. 17 activities for St Patrick's Day! I love it! I hope it brings you the luck of the Irish on that day!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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