Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some new units

I have completed these two Thanksgiving inspired units as well as some 0-20 posters for iSURF(c)

I love the skip counting turkeys, the turkey ten frames, adding the correct feathers to the turkey, patterns with turkeys, word problems about turkeys and roll and cover turkeys plus missing number turkeys.

This unit is about writing tasks

There are concept wheels, labeling turkey bits, persuasive writing tasks as well as letters, word wall posters, are-can-have worksheets, descriptions about outfits, lifestyles, brainstorm work for nouns/adjectives. 

Here is another labour of love - my work for iSURF(c). These posters promote number sense by seeing different ways we can see each number 0-20. 
iSURF(c) stands for 
i = individual goals
s = solving problems
u = understanding
r - reasoning = fluency
these are the proficiencies that sit underneath great Maths instruction and learning

If you haven't checked out any iSURF(c) resources please head on over to our store and see the range of resources we are building up. 
There are lesson plans complete with resources. 
Our lesson plans run for a week.
There are also resources for bulletin boards and quick games.
Our blog has a new game to try every Sunday night. 

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  1. Wow! You have been a busy Paula! You are able to get products finished so quickly! I wish I had your motivation…..

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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