Thursday, November 14, 2013

A present from the Scrappy Guy

Thanks to Jameson at "Lessons with Coffee' I have made two knew blogging friends. 

I joined up in the great SLANT box linky. It stands for sending love across the nation to teachers. For me this was across Nations not just the nation.

I had heaps of fun getting to know Chelsea and putting my box of goodies together for her. I shall show photos when I know she has it - so I don't spoil the surprise for her. 

I received my box from Gary this morning and I am so thankful for the things inside and the card was delightful. 

The box needed to have an October theme as well as objects that meant something to the receiver and helped to get us through the scary month....

Here are some pics - I love the orange envelope and the message on the front. The card is gorgeous and we don't really have them in Aus. If I was in America - I think I would so enjoy Halloween. 

I am so lucky to have Gary as my partner for this link up!
The box was full of stuff

These tea towels are amazing

This bag is too cute!

This box has a whole lot of yummy inside. Now the little chocolates still in the box are Pumpkin Spice. In Aus we bake or boil pumpkins and they are treated as a vegetable - but in America they are a sweet and I have been converted - I don't think this treat will last long and I will have to hide them from my kids and husband. 

 Gary did his 'stalking' well and knows that I love books. I cannot ever have enough books (or shoes or handbags). I just love this book - it is a bit like 'The Enormous Turnip'
It takes a witch, a ghost, a vampire, a mummy and finally a bat to get that pumpkin off the vine.

And wait there is more - this pencils are also too cute. They are delightful. 

A very big thank you Gary - you have made my day - week - month!

Check out Gary's blog

also a big thank you to Jameson 

Lessons With Coffee

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  1. I loved reading through your post. Almost as much fun as I had shopping for you!. Glad everything made it safely and the candy didn't melt. That would have been awful! Enjoy the holidays.


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