Friday, June 10, 2016

Russell Hoban

This pack is structured to help record facts about Russell Hoban and the use them to write a biography.

Russell Hoban 24 pages 
 This pack will give you some facts about Russell Hoban
Use these facts to write a biography through the use of the planning pages. 
 This pack contains Three posters - one with some published book titles and print and go versions) KWHL – record what you know, want to know, how you will find facts and new learning 
Fact recording sheet x 2 Fact clipboards for display and discussion + one for your own facts Biography wheel for planning 
 Record word splash on clipboards 
Ask a question template – If you met Russell Hoban what would you ask? (girl/boy templates) 
Lined pages for biography 
Write a biography – with side graphics

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