Birthdays - this makes it so easy

This birthday pack will make your room come alive when it is birthday time.
make each child feel special when it is their special day.

Print this off at the start of the year and have it ready to go and there will be no last minute racing around. 

Birthday Pack - 55 pages 

Birthdays are a big thing for each student when their birthday day is finally here! 

This pack is about setting up a display for the year that will highlight each child on their day. It contains the following items 

Mini posters for each month to place names on for each student. There is a ’save your ink’ version as well as a birthday cake background set. The zipped file has an editable name tag pack that you type names into – you choose the font and size. 
Birthday Graph – to graph your birthdays in your grade. 
Student Spotlight – complete with the student to assist them in sharing some facts about themselves on their special day. 
Birthday Certificates – write the student name. In the zipped file is an editable version that enables you to type the student’s name and yours. 
Birthday Treat – Pencil Topper or Crazy Straw Topper, print and attach. 
Birthday Wish Book – print off the booklet and get other students to write in some birthday wishes for the birthday student.

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