Thursday, October 13, 2016

Camping with 160 kids...

In our school we take our Year 3 and Year 4 kids on camp for three days. 
That means 160 kids and 16 adults - it is a massive logistical exercise.

We start preparing months in advance and this time our camp was straight after spring break for us. 

Our class planning incorporates our camp before and after we go to camp. 

We start by writing what we think the camp rules should be, we make lists about what to take and what to do. We write a letter as a narrative about the things we might do after we research what activities the camp will offer. 

The word splash is the basis of our spelling for a few weeks. 

Then we get to go. 

We walk through rock pools.

We build huts and work as teams. 

We rock climb on rock walls.

 Other activities include a giant swing, canoeing, fishing, cliff top walking, biking, photo trails, camp search. 

Happy camping.

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