Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Class Coupons

I have created these class coupons to use with my grade this year. They are extremely motivating and the kids love earning them. 

Coupon Pack (with Raffle Tickets)
68 pages

This Coupon Pack (with Raffle Tickets) contains the following coupons in color and in black and white. The black and white version can be copied onto colored card or paper. See photos on the next page. I do laminate the coupons.

Comedy Gig- tell a joke, riddle or knock knock each day for a week.
Desk Swap Gig - swap desks for a day
Drawing Gig – draw for an hour
Friend Gig – lunch with a friend
Game Gig – play a game for half an hour
Homework Gig – no homework for a week
Kinetic Gig – Kinetic sand for an hour
Letter Gig – a positive note home
Music Gig – listen to your music for an hour
Reading Gig – part of book of your choice
Seating Gig – sit away from your desk for a day
Share Gig – tell or share something 
Sock Gig – take your shoes off for the day
Sport Gig – run a game for the grade
Stationery Gig - use the special container of pens, pencils
Teacher Gig – eat with the teacher
Teacher Day Gig – run the room with the teacher 
Toy Gig – a special toy for the day
Treasure Gig – something from the treasure box
Writing Gig – writing of your choice

I have used coupons for two years and would not go back to any other management tool.

There are two ways I have used them.
The first method; notice when a student is doing the right thing and allow them to choose a coupon. They can then decide when they use it. 

The second method; when I see a student showing the values on the raffle tickets they get a raffle ticket. At the end of each week I draw out between 10-20 raffle tickets. Some students hold onto the Raffle Tickets and choose not to go in the draw. If they do get drawn out they swap it for a coupon.
I do not laminate the Raffle Tickets as the students write their names on the back for the drawing out on Friday. I do laminate the coupons.

Both ways have been effective in my room. 

This is how I store them for really super quick access. 

I have labels on the front and they work so well in identifying what we are after. 

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