Friday, January 5, 2018

Australia - History and Geography

We have just revised this pack and it now includes a Learning Reflection Journal 

 This unit is a study about Australian geography and early history. 
Through your own research record the impact that has occurred on the environment and Indigenous Peoples of Australia through white settlement. 
Discover foods, recreation and landmarks and record in the learning Reflection Booklet. 
 These are recording pages and rely on research completed through reading books/websites or interviewing people. 

 This pack includes - 
A Word Wall to assist in building a vocabulary list to use in all tasks. 
Alphabet Key 
KWHL – a colour and a b/w version &bull Interactive Notebook pages Name the state/territory and give five facts for each 
Cartographic Conventions – define 
Templates for Facts, Celebrations, Traditions 
Impact of Europeans on Indigenous Australians 
Impact of Europeans on the environment 
 Impact of Macassans on the environment  
Impact of Convicts on Indigenous Australians 
Impact of Convicts on the environment 
DeBono Hat task in colour and b/w &bull Mapping - Use an atlas or do some internet research and record some mapping details about Australia. Include scale, north, a key, grid references and some distances between capital cities. 
Geography details on each State of Territory – name the capital city, research and find the grid reference for the capital city, name the next closest capital city, record the distance between the two capital cities, print a satellite map of the state and name the characteristics you find. 
Venn Diagrams – Indigenous Australians/Europeans, Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander 
Writing Planners &bull Recount – How do I acknowledge Australia Day &bull Explanation – Why do we acknowledge Australia Day? 
 Exposition - Should we acknowledge Australia Day? 
Food we eat on this day &bull Australian Slang 
Famous Indigenous Australian – Graphic Organiser &bull Learning Reflection Note Book

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