Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Easter Time Tasks

This Easter pack is differentiated to consolidate and then identify focus groups for you to work on with time concepts. In the lead up to Easter it is a fun way to consolidate time concepts. 

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack. This pack is a zipped file that contains two versions – one with USA spelling (color and analog) and one for Aus spelling (colour and analogue).

The interactive note page is to be done first. See the photos provided on how to use this as an assessment. 

The rubric will show what is expected as the students move through the tasks 
Each section has 
- a poster for display
- a worksheet to show understanding
- a set of cards to use as flashcards – available in color and a ‘save ink’ version. You can print this as is or on colored card
- a ’read the room’ task with an answer sheet

Set A Pink – Time to the hour, including digital
Set B Yellow– Time to the half hour, including digital
Set C Green– Time using quarter to and quarter past, including digital
Set D Blue – Time to five minutes, including digital
Set E Purple – Time in 24-hour time, including digital 

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