Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A day of teacher learning

Our school is part of a Mathematics Project that involves two other schools. 

The three of us all have good data, but it could be better. 
So our Principal applied for some funding and was successful.
So we have started on a path to collaborate with the end result being stronger ties between the three schools, lift our capacity and knowledge in Maths and improve outcomes for our top 25% of students (which will also lift all students).

So today was our third time together. 
We had a launch at the beginning to introduce everyone to the project.

Then Penny (our AP) and I delivered two Professional Learning sessions about Maths planing and the role of the teacher. 

Then this morning we released all our Foundation teachers to work with a 'critical friend' - Melinda.

We started by looking at these three prompts and the discussions that followed were invaluable. 
Then this afternoon all our Year 5/6 teachers were released to work together.

Tomorrow there will be two session - one for Year 1/2 and another for 3/4.

I am hoping that Laura doesn't mind - this is a photo of her great book storage system that was in her classroom. Thanks for giving up your classroom today Laura so that we could use it for a get together. 
Such a simple idea - but WOW how effective.
Don't you just love going into other classrooms?

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  1. Gorgeous shelving!!

    I have just been doing some testing and putting it into the Mathematics Online Interview and, boy, it would awesome to have clear links between it and AusVELS!! Such a useful tool, but at my school we really don't use it to it's full extent.

    Luck's Little Learners


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