Sunday, May 11, 2014

Finally proof read and posted

I have been 'playing' around with this for about six weeks and I am pleased to say it is finally posted. 

While this is a Science Unit it does also address outcomes for Reading, Writing, Oral Language and computer skills (ICT).

It is aimed at Year 6 – Australian Curriculum, but addresses many of the USA CCSS in the above areas.
Science - Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface (ACSSU096)

This pack contains tasks for – Cyclones, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Droughts, Floods and Fires

There is a Rubric for Project
All students need to choose one natural disaster from the content list – cyclone, earthquake, tsunami, drought, flood or fire.
They then work through the tasks you choose from the relevant section. Most tasks are the same in each section – with a few variations for each disaster. 
The tasks will help to give background for the final oral presentation.
Hand out the project sheet and rubric to discuss. The rubric will assist in assessing each finished project.

Each disaster has these tasks and then one or two individual ones – KWHL, Alphabet Key, Venn Diagram, Before/during/after flap page, Can we measure this event/how/details about the data, planning sheet for managing the environment for this disaster, four flaps for what is it/characteristics/what causes it/how can we stay safe, Warnings with 5 flaps for warning us, what are the effects on our environment, are/have/can, note taking page, write a report, write a newspaper article, discuss an image, collect images and notate, locate on a map.

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