Saturday, August 29, 2015

Father's Day - Donuts for Dads in Aus

Next weekend it is Father's Day here and I have just posted this pack.

Father’s Day – Donuts for Dad (10 Maths Tasks)
This pack can be used at a Dad’s night while you share donuts together. The students can work with their Dad on the math tasks included. 

The tasks can also be used in Math time in centers as stand alone tasks.

There are 183 pages
You may decide to copy two pages onto one page to have less color copying or use the ‘save my ink’ versions that are included within each section.

Ten Frames – vertical versions
Make a picture
Peg the donuts
How many tools in the toolbox?
Which bag has more donuts?  
Missing donuts
Skip Counting donuts
Roll and cover  
How many donuts does Dad eat?
Time to eat donuts?

Last year I posted this too!


Just putting the finishing touches on the Father's Day Lapbook!

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