Life in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece this pack is based on Reading and Writing for Grades 3-6 (101 pages) 

This pack explores the art, architecture, farming, food and people and culminates in a flap book.

Word Wall - Display the Word Wall – add words as you discover them. This assists in writing and word work. Use these words as a display or in a learning centre to sort into categories or to find out meanings or to put into sentences or stories or use in writing or put into alphabetical order.

KWHL - Copy each page and display – there is a page for individual students. As a grade list the things you - Know about Ancient Greece - Want to know about Ancient Greece How will we find this out? -  Record as you go - Our new Learning about Ancient Greece.

Word Splash - For each topic record words to describe it around the central picture. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns - Ancient Greece - Greek Mythology - Greek Architecture - Greek War - Greek Government - Greek Education - Greek Culture

Interactive Pages - Flap pages – background story, power or impact – enemies or family, other facts. Included are – Achilles, Aphrodite, Arachne, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hercules, Hermes, Medusa, Pandora, Pegasus, Persephone, Perseus, Poseidon and Zeus. Jigsaw – Name and picture, two facts to find for the mythological character – for the characters above. Plus answer key

Writing Prompts - Venn Diagram - Story side pictures - My Favorite/Favourite Mythological Character - A Day on the life of an Ancient Greek - A day in the life of a slave  - Ancient Greeks love to … - I found an Ancient  - Greek artefact  - Additional page for longer texts - Photo prompts  
Reading Tasks - Greek Ancient Architecture, Use a highlighter to show the main points - Paraphrase task - The three Orders - The four main types of building

Way of Life - Read each section and under the flap illustrate and add key words - People of Ancient Greece - Food and Farming – Education – Art, pottery – Art, Caryatides – Clothes

Flap Book - one page has two options for spelling of color/colour. Includes map, myths, family life, culture and farming

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