Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review of my Farm Pack

I have been updating covers on some off my first packs I posted. This Farm Pack was looking like it needed some attention. 
If you already own it - head on over and download the new version - it includes more black and white page options for printing. 

Down on the Farm  is now 145 pages long
Tasks include...
Farm Word Wall – add words as you move through the unit. This helps when they are writing.
“What I know about” writing tasks 
Alphabet Keys, record words for each letter
Farm Grid Research, record what you know about animal coverings, food they eat, what they produce for us
Venn Diagrams on animals
Match mother to baby
Writing – What I know about...
Writing pages – 4 different sets of lines to use
Diary of Farm Animal, record events as they may happen to animals on the farm
Diary of Farmer, research what a farmer might do in his day to day life
Letter Writing
Word Work – Rhyming, initial and ending sounds
Matching cards
Easy readers, two books that you fold into quarters and use for common sight words
Science – life cycles of a chicken 

There are clear links to USA and Australian Curriculum

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