Sunday, July 17, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood - Reading and Writing Pack

This is what is in this 96 page pack?

Little Red Riding Hood – Reading and Writing Tasks

This Little Red Riding Hood – Reading and Writing set provides a small reader (2 options), and lots of supporting tasks to improve literacy through reading and writing. Your students will love learning about this Fairy Tale and working through the tasks.

A Little Reader - Print and go! Two versions available
Language Vocabulary Cards – Jigsaw tasks
KWL – What you know, want to know and new learning
Comprehension questions
How could you test that Grandma wasn’t a wolf?
Beginning middle and ending template with or without lines
Retell templates
Sequencing templates
Character maps for Little Red, Grandma, Wolf and Woodcutter
Setting mapping for house and castle
Characters -  is/has/can two options
Matching words
Matching words and adding missing letters
Word find
Story Problems and Solutions
Story Map
Text Connections
Compare characters
Best Part of the story
Main Idea of the story
Draw and write
Make a list of food for the basket
Breaking News
Compare – truth and fantasy
Change the ending
Devise questions
I see, I think, I wonder
Persuade others to read this text
Recount with side graphics
Make a list of what happened in the story
Be a designer
How could you make the story better?
INB – setting, complications, resolutions, characters
DeBono Hat task
Character Traits
Conversations and speech bubbles
Point of view
Story parts
Sequence task
Story Map
Stick Puppets
Script Planners
Story Board template

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