Friday, July 1, 2016

Forces and Motion

This term we are looking at Forces and Motion for our Science focus. 

This pack will support our students through a guided investigation.
I will share the PowerPoint from the zipped file with my students and the students will then complete tasks from the PDF file as we go. 

As we progress through the pack I will post photos.

Forces and Motion 
57 pages Included in the Forces and Motion zip file is a PowerPoint to share with your students and it is supported by a file that contains posters, prompts and a recording booklet. 

 The Forces and Motion Powerpoint has 30 pages that include - Learning intention Prior Learning Task Introduction that covers – What I know, want to know and have discovered (last part is to be completed after the unit) 
Explanation of how to complete the Interactive Notebook Page on Forces Information Slides to read and discuss with your students that cover these topics – Balanced and Unbalanced Forces – Types of Forces – Normal Forces - Gravity – Tension – Spring – Friction – Electric – Magnetic 
A slide to show the Three Laws of Motion Roller Coaster example and how Forces and Motion make it a ride of thrills 
Make a marble run prompt Slides to show Simple Machines– Levers – Pulleys – Screws – Wedge – Wheel and Axle 
Prompt for “Your turn to design an experiment’ – supported through the posters in the zipped file and the Science Design Booklet 
Explanation of an alternative recording system using the apps Book Creator and Showbie 

 The Forces and Motion support pack has 27 pages 
This PDF includes - Learning Intention for the Unit on Forces and Motion Learning Tasks – What do I know, Want to know and have discovered 
Forces – Interactive Note Page to accompany the PowerPoint included in the zip file 
Simple Machines – to be filled out during the discussion after the PowerPoint 
Magnet Word Splash Scientific Posters – to display while working through the unit of work – Questioning and Predicting – Planning and Conducting – Recording and Processing – Analyzing and Evaluating – Communicating 
Science Brief – Booklet to be filled out during the Investigation Rubric for Assessment Digital Recording alternative with instructions

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