Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Melbourne Winter Instagram Teacher Meet Up 2016

Blogging and TpT bought these two lovelies into my life a few years ago and it is always nice to catch up with them - any excuse really!

Stef is from Miss Galvin Learns

Today we met up for a coffee and then made our way to a cute restaurant down at South Wharf called Bangpop.

Here we had lunch with all these amazing people!

We have all met through our teacher Instagram life.

Last holiday we met in a park and had so much fun and decided to do it again. 
Funny as Sarah-Jane put it - we tell our children don't meet strangers that they have 'met' online! 

Laura, Sarah-Jane and Tess had worked so hard to put this together with a little help from some sponsors - thanks ladies for a great lunch and a fab goodie bag.
(insta - @littleapplelearning @thepolkadotapple @misstessclassroom)

 Lots of conversation, food and the funny experience of hooking up real names to insta names...

 Can't wait to see what they all get up to this term on instagram...

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