Sunday, July 9, 2017

Who is the 'mean' student?

We had lots of fun collecting, collating, finding the mean and then producing graphs to support the attributes that the 'average' or 'mean' student has in our grade. 

Graphing the Mean Student is a powerpoint that prepares your grade to work through lots of data.
26 pages 

Graphing the Mean Student takes your students through an experience that will led to a group presentation on working out the average from information they collect. 
 They will compose questions, collect and collate data, determine the ‘mean’, show the data in various graphs and design a poster to present the ‘mean student’ as a student in their room. 

 A summary of what is included 
 Slide 1 – Outlines what you will cover in the unit plus extension tasks. 
 Slide 2 – How mean are you? A slide to discuss and prepare your students for what is the mean and how to work it out. 
 Slide 3 – The mean is the average – used for discussion with your grade and included an example to share and work out. 
Slide 4 – Examples of what the finished group task could look like. I have included photos form what my grade did and these can be used to give ideas and motivate your grade as to what theirs may look like. 
 Slide 5 – A template to use for the mean student if you want uniformity. Attach your graphs to the sides and then display. 
 Slide 6 – Work out the missing data. 
Slide 7 – Now it is your turn – this is your task. In groups of four devise questions and collect data from your grade. Use this data to work out the mean and then make graphs. 
 Slides 8/11 – Types of graphs to use – pictographs, bar graphs, histograms, dot plots, stem and leaf plots. 
Slide 12/14 – Examples of ways to collect data – pen and paper version and ways to use google sheets or excel. 
Slides 15/18 - Extension tasks – mean, median, mode – discrete or continuous data, make comparisons between the data a graph can lie. 
Slide 19 – An assessment option.

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