Thursday, April 26, 2018

Butterfly Life Cycle

Life Cycle - Butterfly 

68 pages 
 This Life Cycle - Butterfly pack explores the life cycle of butterflies through increasing vocabulary using reading and writing about butterflies

This pack is also in the Animal Life Cycle Bundle which contains – 

Recording Book 
• This is a record of learning as you move through the information. 
• Put the book together – instructions are included. 
• Complete the first page before you start the unit. 
• As you progress through the unit complete the pages in order. 
• The students may go back and add information as they learn new things. 

• Print and go! 
 • These posters will enable your students to have access to facts and diagrams. 
 • They will assist in correct spelling when displayed. 
 • There are two sets – the second set has detailed information. 
 • The third set has the life cycle.  

A Reader 
• Print and go! 
 • This will give you two books – copy and staple together and then cut in half. 
 • Re read and place in your class library. 

Jigsaw task 
• Print and laminate for long term use. 
 • These jigsaws (break up cards) will assist in matching words to pictures to a statement.  

Print and Go 
• The following pages will consolidate and extend knowledge for all students about butterflies. Please make choices about which task are suitable for each student in your grade. 
• Label parts of a butterfly 
Butterflies can/have/are 
• Chrysalis can/have/are 
• Pupa can/is/are 
• Venn Diagram – butterfly/chrysalis 

Information Report 
• These pages will assist in writing a report. 
Spinner  • Color copy and laminate. 
 • Add a split pin to attach the arrow. 
 • Spin the arrow. When it stops – the student must orally give some facts about that part of the frog cycle.  
• What I know about butterflies 
Butterflies planner – with and without lines  
• Information Report Planner

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