Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hop into Easter

This unit Hop into Easter focuses on writing, reading and maths.  I can't wait to do this work with the Preps.
(122 pages)

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Matching lower case letters to capitals – copy in color and laminate. Cut leaving a small pink border around each card. Mix cards up and match. Sequence the lower case letters in alphabetical order and then match capitals. Use to play memory games. Place face down and pick one card at a time and say a word that starts with that letter or has that letter in it

Making lists- there are color copies and black and white masters to use for e, ea, double letters and er sound. Go for a word walk around the room and make lists of words that you see

Scissor sentences - Three pages of simple sentences. Cut the words from the bottom, match and glue on top of the correct sentence. Draw a picture

Sight words - Color copy and laminate

Use as flash cards and for memory games


Matching numeral and word to collection. Copy onto color. Have one set for each pair of students who need to be working on this skill

Patterns – color copy and laminate. Place in small plastic pockets and use as two/three/four colour patterns as well as two/three/four object patterns

Patterns – worksheet, complete the pattern

Roll and cover - use dice to roll a number and place counters on top of the correct numeral

Sequence and add eggs – colour copy and laminate. You may need more than one set. Place baskets in correct sequence and hen use the eggs to show how many in that collection. There is set for numerals and one for words

How many? – count the objects and record the correct total

Who lost the race? – Ordinals to see who is last

What order? – More ordinal work

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