Monday, May 20, 2013

Discovery Learning and counting

I absolute love Discovery Learning for so many reasons.
We started this task to show the setting for Goldilocks and the Three Bears and somehow ended up counting blocks and bears.
I was more than happy to have this task take a twist as I heard two boys counting beyond 36  and 59 for the first time.
It is also a great time to assess Interpersonal Skills for students.
As well as speaking and listening skills.
Volume and pitch of voice and word pronunciation often leads to incidental conversations about how to say certain words.
This is so important as then we write about what we do, and if our pronunciation is incorrect our words will be recorded incorrectly when we sound them out.
I get to listen, watch and participate in a play situation and often see a different side of some students.
In our shared Prep space we do this for half an hour a day, tasks are specific and directly related to our Inquiry/theme.

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