Monday, May 27, 2013

Measuring length

At the end of last week we did some measuring of length and comparing.
Part of our new curriculum suggests that this task will help teachers to assess what our students know.
We needed to roll out two snakes - this was our first hurdle and we had to learn how to do this. We assume too many things sometimes! So we had to learn how to make a rolled out snake.
They needed to make a short snake and a long snake.
Then they needed top sit them on this page and then go and find objects from around the room that were the same length as the snakes.
I needed to have conversations with them about the choice they were making about objects.
The students then needed to draw the objects they found.
My anecdotes now indicate which students are at the expected level, which ones are above and which ones need support to get to the expected level.

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