Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maths - skip countng and collections

We have been working so hard to skip count and record our numerals correctly.
This is tricky to do.
Those teen numbers like to trick us alot.
We start our numerals from the top and we are practising to do them correctly eveytime we write them.
We have also been looking at recording equations - we do not call them sums.
Even through these are two collections we are adding together - sums do not work when we get to subtraction.
They are equations.

We have been adding two collections together and making sure we start from the biggest collection first.
We still get tricked and write them back to front sometimes.
I encourage my students to use hands on counters to make sure that our new total is correct.
Our new curriculum has us estimating the collection before we complete them.
It is always about the strategies we use.


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