Sunday, May 28, 2017

Create a Lemonade Stand

Our project based learning was lots of fun last week.

We planned and made scaled models of Lemonade Stands. We also created a Business Plan for our ventures. 

Lots of laughter about profit and loss, how much does one recipe make and how much to sell one glass for?

Here are the plans I made...

31 pages

The task is to design a Lemonade Stand model to scale and produce a business plan to sell lemonade to customers.

I use these steps for Project Based Learning in my teaching and learning space.
1. Setting the stage for the learning that is about to happen and make a link back to a real life scenario
2. The teacher negotiates the criteria for evaluating the projects
3. Students become project designers
4. Students discuss information needed for their designs
5. Students accumulate the materials necessary for the project
6. Students create their projects
7. Students prepare to present their projects
8. Students present their projects
9. Students reflect on the process and evaluate the projects based on the agreed criteria

Students can work individually, in pairs or in groups.
They work through a task to design an outcome using their creative abilities.
The task is usually interdisciplinary and can involve Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Design and Technology.

The teacher’s role is to guide, check in and help to uncover content to be covered.  

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