Monday, January 14, 2013

Counting by 2's - skip counting

I have been working through my UFO's - un-finished-objects! Here is my 'Skip Counting by 2's Unit'. I am still working on my Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales and Sight Word Packs.  
This unit (115 pages) has very colourful task cards. There are flip flops (or thongs to us Aussies) that you can laminate and then add cards to count them. The houses I have used are super cute and again colourful. Students deliver cards to them after they have sequenced the houses by odd or even numbers. Then count large collections and write in the correct totals.There are also addition and subtraction cards that encourage counting back and forward by 2's. Play number scrolls, buzz and a Korean game called sam yew gew, skip count with ice cream scoops.
Assessment ideas are included - for students and teachers.  
Check the skip counting unit out in my digital store.

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