Gathering evidence of learning

We are in day 2 of 3 of assessment gathering. I have had one on one time with 15 of my students so far and we have counted teddies, ordered numbers, matched collections, looked at what comes before and after, location words, estimation, counting up and back, subitising and measuring in Mathematics.

We have done a read and retell, sound and letter identification, rhyming words, beginning and ending sounds, one to one matching, patterns, reading, writing, oral language and all in one hour. I do have to admit I am a bit over 'Clever Max'.

The next task is to process the data and to plan for teaching and learning. I am part of the coaching group that will support staff to do this early next week. 
I teach Prep and I am also the Leading Teacher for Curriculum as well as one of the school coaches. We have 547 students, 24 classes,  in our school and I track all our students. We have had an incredible journey in a very short 18 months. This is a great place to work. 

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