Thursday, September 5, 2013

A focus on reading

The reading and writing block is a busy time for all of us.
As 'daily 5' is further cemented in our systems and structures - I can spend more time conferring with individual students.
I am loving the CCPensieve, but still using some paper to take and record information.
As my children read one on one with me (and the other Prep teacher in our space) I record their reading on a Running Record sheet. This process is so important in analysing what is the next step and what is their true instructional text.
'daily 5' allows us the opportunity to do this much more often. Our other students are engaged with best fit tasks while we do this. The know that everyone has this time with the teacher and it is important to not interrupt and let the reading happen.
In our state, we had a 6-18th month strategy that said we needed to take running records every three weeks for each child. Before 'daily 5' this was difficult to manage. Now it is possible to do 3-5 a day. It has become part of what we do. As a result our kids are flying - in our team teaching situation we have a large proportion of our students reading well into Grade 1 and Grade 2. That is one or two years above the expected level.


  1. Hi Paula,

    We have been talking a lot in our Prep team about reading levels. Just out of curiosity, what level do you consider a year level standard at the end of Prep? We have seen so much variation in what schools are expecting, and are trying to figure out if our standards are too low/high/just right.

    Lauren :)
    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. HI Lauren! Just wanted to mention that our school likes children to be around RR level 3-6 by December. :) That is for a "C" rating in Australian curriculum. They are also writing 1-3 sentences with CVC and Golden words/common words spelt correctly mostly. The AustCurric is still a bit loose in the specifics, in my opinion! FOR example, it says "Prep children write known letters correctly". Do we interpret that as they can write their name Ava correctly, because they know 2 letters, or they can write Francesca?? Or because they KNOW all the alphabet they can correctly write all the alphabet?? :P

    2. We are in the same boat. We have taken a line very similar to you Liz and have the same questions too.


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