Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grade 5/6 kids and Daily 5

You know sometimes you get to do something different with a different group of kids and in a different space and I am reminded of how much I enjoy my job.
Today, I got to work with 50 Year 5/6's and talk about one of my favourite topics - Daily 5 and Café.
I hear this often - how can Daily 5 be a part of senior primary?
First - read the books! Both books.
For those of you who read my blog you know that Daily 5 cannot be done without  Café - this is where the rigour is.
First you introduce the components of Daily 5 - get the systems and structures in place. Then Café
Today I went over
- Read to Self
- Read to Someone
and started
- Work on Writing
This meant that we reviewed 'read to self' because they were already doing 'silent reading' with stamina. We were able to record what their job is and what our job is.
For teachers - we need to let them read and not intervene - hard work, as many of us are control freaks!
We then looked at 'Read to Someone' through the lens of Daily 5. I discussed EEKK, taking it in  turns, asking questions, being a coach and giving space to work out words. We then practised.
As we moved through these tasks we also recorded on the anchor charts our expectations for students and teachers.


These kids have an amazing sense of stamina. learning community, sense of urgency and best fit.
We then moved onto recording what we would like to write about. This exercise was to help record what they wanted to write about and what they wanted to know more about.

This list will be revisited next Thursday - so come back and check out next Thursday's blog.

On my way out of the 5/6 centre I had a conversation with Stacey (another Grade 5/6 teacher) and her favourite part is the 'best fit' lesson. I love her display of shoes (I am a shoe girl). Stacey does Daily 5 and incorporates Literature Circles as well as using the CCPensieve to take notes and records. 

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