Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holidays are almost here

This post is about our School Christmas Fair and at the end a link to my store to see my Christmas/Holiday and seasonal units which will help you to get through this season. 

Our annual School Fair is about our kids making products. learning about money, giving change and selling.

My Preps made these gorgeous tree toppers - which could also be placed anywhere on the tree for 10c. The fair is designed for our kids and while parents come - it is for our kids.

The children man the stalls and have heaps of fun. They bring coins to spend and the atmosphere is lovely. 

There was reindeer food, keys for Santa in case you have no chimney, key rings, cards and heaps more all made by our kids.

These products will help you get through the next few weeks - there are a few freebies here too
Click the image or click here to go to my store 

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