Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Writing tasks

This was lots of fun to make. 
It was a unit I wanted to complete so that my USA/Canadian and English followers could check it out.

There are 18 tasks – 30 pages

There are writing pages at the back of this resource that you can use after the planning pages
Encourage differentiation by setting goals in writing and revisiting them each session

Word Wall – color copy and display
A-Z Key for winter words
A snowman and a snowflake is/can/has
Winter – list nouns and adjectives
Opinion piece –planning page for inside or outside in winter?
Roll and write
List winter clothes and draw them
What can we do in winter?
Winter food
Venn Diagram – Winter and summer foods
Winter Y chart – winter feels/sounds/looks like
Procedure – build a snowman
Beginning, middle and end planning page
Planning page – who, where, when, what, why
In winter I see, I think, I wonder 
Winter Narrative planning page
Winter Narrative writing page
Additional writing lines

Enjoy and happy hoidays

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