Literary Luminary

Say what? 

Today was Transition Day across our state. 
That means that our Grade 6 students experience a day at their secondary schools, it also means our Kinder children come to school to be Preps for a morning.

So at 9:00am I was with 4 year olds, at 10:00 I was with 12 year olds and then at 12:30  I was with 6 year olds. A day jumping from room to room. 

I worked with a group of  Grade 5/6's on what a  Literary Luminary role is in Literature Circles. 
It has been a while since I have worked on this - so I had to do a bit of pre reading myself before the day began. 

We had a text - read the information and chose three parts of the text that were meaningful to each reader. Then we had to justify it. This was presented to a small group and discussed as to why it was chosen. 

Some chose this because it was interesting, funny, powerful, descriptive, puzzling or important.

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