Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine Day and a Math Bundle

Real life and blogging life sometimes collide! Just love Valentine Day.

I am a real romantic at heart and Tony and I have known each other since 1985...

These gorgeous flowers were delivered to work today from my husband. 

My teaching partner, Fiona, also had flowers delivered by her husband - we are two lucky ladies.

We were both called up to the office at break time and our kids thought we were in trouble.

Our kids reactions were funny. One child couldn't understand why a man would do this at all, she kept asking questions. touching them and shaking her head. 

Here are some skip counting tasks for Math work - click on the image to go to my store. There is work on patterning, collections, ten frames, missing numbers, stories for 14, matching collections and roll and cover. 

Each of the packs are available individually or as a bundle at amazing savings for you.

This is one of my biggest packs...

This pack is part of a bundle The Big Bundle – Valentine’s Day 
It includes the following packs

I am also loving the melonheadz graphics. 

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  1. My flowers were delivered to school as well, but they brought them to the room during first period. I had some questions: Who are they from? Mr Rose. Who's he? My husband. Oh, I wonder if Mr Krahe got flowers for Mrs Krahe? (That's the head of our Junior School) I replied that they'll need to ask him. I wonder if he got a prompt from the children, I didn't catch up with him at the end of the day to find out.


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