Monday, June 23, 2014

Literature Circles - new books

We are in the process of updating our Literature Circle books and that means reading the texts beforehand. 

With a few days to go until winter break, our lovely lady in the library has been shopping and we have grabbed some titles to read. 

These are the two that I scored to read over the break. Stay tuned for how our kids use them and what we think of them. 

One of our new books is 'Crossing' by Catherine Norton - click here to get the first chapter for free 


The blurb says....

My arms are trembling with the tension of the loaded bow.
I can feel Leon standing behind me, watching. Waiting.
‘I dare you,’ he whispers.
Cara has grown up in the shadow of the Wall, in a closed world of food shortages and high security. Her parents are dedicated to their secret work for the government, and it’s only a matter of time before her gifted younger sister follows in their footsteps.
It’s all Cara has ever known, until the summer she meets Ava and Leon. Ava doesn't care about rules. Nothing will ever be the same.

Another new text is 

The blurb says......

Can one person make the world a better place? Or are some things simply too
big for an eleven-year-old boy to solve on his own?

When Jesse decides to help Kate ‘Save the Whales’ he realises that
sometimes, it’s the little things people do that make a difference. Will Hunter,
the school bully, ruin their efforts? Or is there more to Hunter than meets the

Bleakboy and Hunter Stand Out in the Rain is a humorous and inspirational
story about the unlikely friendship between two very different boys and the
power of small gestures.

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