Friday, February 8, 2013

'read to self'

Day One of Prep - I had organised book boxes with all Level 1 books and they had either 3 or 4 students' names on them. They sat around their book box and practised 'read to self'. Each time I noticed that we were not doing 'read to self' correctly we stopped. 
This is what Joan and Gail (the 2 sisters) suggest. You model what you saw and ask is that 'read to self'? You re-focus and then try again. Each time we are trying to build stamina. On Day One we went for only 2 minutes. Day Two - 4 minutes, Day Three - 5 minutes and today which is Day Four 6 minutes. 
At the end you do a check in with your thumbs - did we ..... and go through each item on your anchor chart for 'read to self'. We are attempting to build to 30 minutes by the end of Term Two. I think we are well on our way.

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