Thursday, February 21, 2013

Read to someone

We have been practising 'Read to Self" and have increased our stamina, we can now read for almost 12 minutes.
Today we introduced 'Read to Someone".
We modelled EEKK (Elbow to elbow and knee to knee), discussed why knee has a silent 'k', used rock, paper, scissors to see who starts and looked at how we share a text, asking a question about what has happened so far in the book - they did this for 6 minutes. Amazing!
We have a brainstormed list that shows what is expected for the students and the teachers. We need to revisit this and refine our roles and tighten up the whole process.
But it is worth reminding myself that we have only been at school for a few short weeks.

I need to explain that when I say 'we' I mean our team of 4 Prep teachers. We are working closely together, plan, team teach and manage our new space. I feel very fortunate to be working with this team.
Loving Daily 5!

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