Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Data Wall - putting faces on our data

This book
has been instrumental in helping us not only track kids but put in place strategies to get them to the next phase in their learning. 
We set goals and discuss the learning that needs to take place for us to help the learning of the child.
We put a photo of the child on top of this and then use a magnetic strip to attach them to a board. this way we can move students around and make groups for point of need teaching. Each year level is a different colour so we can see where our 3's are in comparison to our 2's, 4's and even 5's etc.
The same colour is used to show how each year level performs with teacher judgements.
We also do this for OnDemand scores so that they will drive us to triangulate data.
Across the top you can see the colour that indicates where the students need to be if they are at the expected level.  This enables us to see if we reached or exceeded our targets.
Our students are great and we are not only trying to reach potential but exceed potential.

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