Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fairy Tales

 This week we have started our Fairytale unit and kicked it off with Discovery Learning.
We are exploring Fairytales through making our own puppets for a play. This draws on speaking and listening and being able to share and take turns,
The 'performances' are very funny and I love them. Sometimes it is hard to keep straight face!
We have playdough to make characters from Fairytales and the children need to explain what they have made and which Fairytale it has come from.
Some children are drawing parts of the Fairytales to share. I just love this Jack and the Beanstalk using texta on purple card.
If you are after some ideas for 'My Top 10 Fairytales please check out my unit on TPT. We are off to the Fairy Park next week and getting bit excited.

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