Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tassie Teachers

Today was a big day -but a delightful day. My teaching buddy Claire from last year and I were host to two teachers from Tasmania. Sharon and Ann came to visit because of my blog. They had read about what we had been doing and decided to come and visit in their holidays - now that is dedication!
I took them on a tour before school, they came to our staff briefing and then went into Claire's room. They stayed with Claire for a while and looked at her planning, note taking and assessments. Claire shared her resources and answered questions. Sharon and Ann were so amazed by what they saw and heard and wanted to stay with Claire.
Claire and I do not team teach this year but still hold the same belief and understandings about student learning.
They then came to me to talk about how we track students across the team and why we decided to use 'daily 5'
They experienced an extra treat and stayed for morning tea and shared birthday cake supplied by my team for me!
Claire has her own blog so please check it out - here

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