Friday, April 19, 2013

My ANZAC Day Unit

Here are 44 pages to help you to mark ANZAC DAY if you have a junior grade. I have supplied an outline that contains facts about the day. There are five book suggestions that you could use, but the tasks are not text specific.
Using the cards that have the letters that make up what ANZAC stands for - see how many words you can make. Use a Venn Diagram to look at our flag and the New Zealand flag.

During writing time - explore your thoughts about ANZAC Day, recount of the march, list what is in a wreath and discuss some of the symbols.

In reading time list animals in 'Only a Donkey', use character maps, story boards and define beginning/middle/endings.
Use the small share book that I have made as black line master to re-inforce concepts about print.
Make a flag using the instructions and template for stars.

These books are not available through Amazon and I picked them up in our local bookstores - Collins

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