Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting ready for work

Late night flight back from Bali and trying to keep awake so I can get a proper night sleep tonight and get back into a routine for the start of school on Monday. I have some serious holiday brain and I am so glad we have planned for the next two weeks.
Before the holidays the Prep team had the planning all ready to go. Jan and I have planned Maths and Discovery Learning for two weeks and Pascale and Chrissy have reading and writing under control. With me away and Chrissy in Europe we needed to make sure we were ready. So I hope that Jan and Pascale have been able to have a restful break as well.
So a trip into work for about an hour to make sure the take home books are updated and ready to go, check that the tables and chairs are right and all will be good to go.
I can't wait to see my Preps, they change a fair bit over the Easter break and come in ready to continue with some serious learning.
I also have another batch of netbooks arriving for our Year 3-6's and with the help of our techs will have these ready to go out for parent leasing by the end of the first week back. There will be some excited students waiting for these.

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