Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Day Back

Today was our first day back for 2014. Summer break is gone!

As a staff we have decided to formalise many rituals and routines.

We had many great discussions and have team planned this week and some of next week. 

These two books form the basis of what we all do.

Even our specialists looked at the move from "Management" to "Principled Habits"

This will be our focus
Trusting Students
Providing Choice
Nurturing Community
Creating a Sense of Urgency
Building Stamina
Staying out of the Way

We have made agreement about what anchor charts we will do this week and each team will assist in making us all accountable.

Our ultimate goal is independent learners who can set goals. 

I can't wait to see the second edition that is out soon.


  1. Hi Paula,

    I'm teetering on the edge of trying Daily 5... any advice? :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Our district has slowly been adopting The Daily 5 and CAFE as our ELA "curriculum" over the past two years, and next year will mark full-blown implementation. Funding was not provided to buy the resource books for all, so I paid for my own. Training was sporadic and short, so a lot of what I am doing in my classroom has been "self-taught." I think the program is VERY worthy....but it has been a lot of work. It sounds like your building has a "team approach" though! My group this year really enjoys the uninterrupted blocks of time for each literacy focus!

  3. Hi Paula. Ouch - going back to school is a difficult transition. I actually have both of the books pictured above. I am still in The Daily Five - haven't progressed to The Cafe Book. Good luck adjusting to going back to work.


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