Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My current project and some old photos

Today is going to be another hot one here in my part of the world. 
It will be 40 Celsius here and that means in Fahrenheit 104! 
So I am sitting here creating with the air-conditioner on and plenty of nice cool drinks.

I am currently working on a 'Workers in our Community Unit' and again playing around with Interactive Notebook pages. 
As a Melonheadz addict (I am proudly number 18) I just love using her graphics and having them in color as well a black and white. 
They just make what I do pop. 
The pack is already 150 pages long and I haven't even added the math part yet!
I am hoping to have it done by tonight and will be asking for two proof readers on my face book page. If you proof read this for me, I will send you the completed project as a gift and my many thanks.

Don't forget to go on over to my facebook fan page to pick up a freebie for Chinese New Year. See yesterdays post. 

I just found these photos below - in the rush at the end of the year - I misplaced them. 
Our Christmas Fair - is made by our kids for our kids. 
It is gorgeously daggy and heaps of fun. 
Our kids bring about $5 and buy gifts for family and friends.  

Here are a few photos.

There is also a rare photo of me - dressed in a Christmas outfit.

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