Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Daily 5 planning

I have been asked to share the planning for Daily 5 that is used in my learning space.
The four teachers who share this space (yes - we have 4 grades and 4 teachers working very closely together). This means two of us plan Maths and two of us plan English. Our planning has evolved over time and this is what the planning looks like for my grade and the grade I team teach with for Daily 5.  

So here are the explanations of each section
1 - Contains our Reading focus - Learning Intention, Success Criteria and Café Strategy. At the bottom of this column are the foci for Letters/sounds, Shared Books/Big Books and Explicit Writing Focus.
2. Writing Focus - similar to format of the Reading Focus
3. This is our timing and is in the same format as an anchor chart. One column is what the students do and the other is what we do!
4. Now there are two of them - each one represents a teacher in the space. If I am the first column - I work with the groups on that side this week and then next week I work with the other side. This column also contains the names of students who are at the same reading level.(Guided Reading group)
5. Tells us what day we see the group - the title of the book and the focus for the guided reading task

Teacher Focus –Wed
Book –The Hungry Kitten
Focus Read across the word and get your mouth ready
6. Are the icons to show what order their tasks are (Scrappin Doodles). We also have posters around the room to show what and where they need to be,
7. The tasks for each group for Writing
8. The tasks for each group for Word Work
9. Suggested stories for Listen To Reading
10. Notes pages for Reading
11. Notes pages for Writing

As a team we then copy  the notes pages on Friday and pass them on to the relevant teacher.

If you would like to share your planning -please link up here.


  1. There is a lot of organisation that goes into your week Paula! I know you say that the 4 classes work, but i would feel like I never know my class well enough! It is hard enough with 2! I don't know how you do it!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. It is challenging - this week is challenging as we are de cluttering and all have personal investments in 'stuff'.
      Planning is detailed, but works most of the time. We all know our 82 kids, but there are challenges.
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. Hi
    Is it possible for you to email me your planning page to baaj (underscore) kaur at hotmail dot come
    I love to see and get some ideas. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing I am just starting out with Daily 5 and would love to link up but it says the link is closed.


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