First day back

Today was Day One of Term Three.

We have launched into "Living and Non Living' in a big way.

Here are just some of our tasks in Discovery Learning,

Life drawing of a guest - a stick insect!

In our Prep space, we have four teachers and one of us (certainly not me - but Pascale) has a love of anything that moves.

Pascale has had stick insects in our space since day one of the year.

Today she got them out of the tank and we watched them move, counted legs, checked out body parts and we captured them by drawing them.

I wonder if our drawings will get more sophisticated as we have more animals in our space. 

We had little magnifying glasses and check out our drawings....

We also had an area where we explored animals using collage

Some students explored how many legs animals have and attempted to write or draw them.

Then we had a research group - they read non fiction books and then recorded their learning.

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